CSS 18%
JavaScript 10%
PHP 30%
MySQL 15%
HTML 25%

In recent years, the statement ‘if you do not exist on the internet, you do not exist at all’ is more and more true.
In the age of computers and the internet, it is hard to imagine that a self-respecting company does not have an appropriate and professional IT service as well as a smart website.

  • We use plenty of technologies for creating websites
  • W specialize in creating:
        - Web business cards

        - Internet stores
        - Web portals
        - Expanded web systems
        - Websites adjusted and dedicated to mobile appliances (iPhone, Android)
  • Our products are:
        - Easy to positioning (search engines friendly)
        -Fully editable (CMS module)
        - Multilingual (we own copyright TRANSLATOR, through which adding languages and editing particular content is very easy)